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Market Analysis, Inc.

Market Analysis, Inc. provides comprehensive housing market studies of potential residential developments for multiple financing sources. The mission of our company is to assist developers, mortgage companies, non-profits, and government agencies in developing housing. Ms. Debra Johnson, Economist / President of Market Analysis, Inc. has experience as a HUD economist for 15 years, and as a consultant for the last 14 years.

We emphasize using the best, most current data in our analysis to provide accurate, realistic expectations for the development. Our studies have been used for conventional as well as government financing programs. Our analysis meets the HUD MAP guidelines. Developing these proposals frequently involves other funding sources such as tax exempt bonds, tax credits, and other programs.

Our experiences include: multifamily rental properties, elderly facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living and independent living apartments, cooperative housing and specialty housing. Some examples of our specialty housing are: a pediatric long term nursing care facility, an eating disorder treatment center and workforce housing for a ski resort. Since 1993 our housing studies have supported over $725,000,000 in financing developments located throughout the United States.

Our target is to complete a market study in five weeks, including three to five days of field work in the area of the development. Market Analysis, Inc. surveys existing facilities, government agencies, and businesses active in the field to develop the most current local market data. A detailed market study that is based on the best, most current data available helps to avoid any pitfalls in the market and aids in answering questions the financing agency may have.

If you need a housing market analysis and you want to work with an experienced analyst, contact us at mainc@ix.netcom.com.

Our new web site is dedicated to housing issues that may impact the multifamily development industry, including senior housing.

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